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Robert Lautner, President
About Us

Stratus-Pikpuk, Inc. was first established in Santa Cruz, California in 1999 under the name "Stratus" by Robert Lautner, an Industrial Engineer who had up until then worked on a large number of Industrial Engineering projects at some of the best known Silicon Valley high-tech companies as well as a number of lesser known start-ups.

The company was incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002 under its' current name.

A separate branch of the company was set up in Bangkok, Thailand under the name "Stratus-Pikpuk Thailand Co. Ltd." to handle operations in Thailand, this branch was also headed by Robert Lautner.

Robert Lautner has now set up operations in Budapest, Hungary to tap into the great untapped local pool of bright hardworking programmers. All projects are managed by Robert personally.

Briefly about Robert Lautner
In 1981 Robert got his first computer, a Vic-20 with 4kB of ram. Since then he has been a passionate programmer with a deep love of artificial intelligence and for the fantastic possibilities artificial intelligence presents.
Robert Lautner spent the 1990's in California where he earned his Industrial Engineering degree and worked on a large number of industrial projects involving software solutions in industrial environments.
He spent most of the following decade in Asia where he initiated and implemented a number of successful industrial artificial intelligence software projects.
Robert speaks 5 languages (English, Hungarian, Swedish, German, and Spanish).
Robert is the holder of 2 US patents.

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